Make A Dental Appointment for Your Kids Before School Starts

Dental Appointment for Your Kids Before School Starts

The end of summer is upon us, and for many families that means the beginning of a new school year. After a long and active summer season, the beginning of a new year of classes and academic adventures can be hectic, but it’s important to keep some key things in mind. Among these is dental health, and making a dental appointment for your kids before school starts is a critical action item for parents. We know you have a lot going on, but there are a number of good reasons that you need to get your kids in to see the dentist before the school year begins.

Many of the reasons to make regular dental appointments for your children are preventative. Sad to say, oral health is a significant health issue for school-aged children in the United States. Tooth decay is a case in point–it affects at least two out of every five children under the age of 12 in this country. Likewise, 40% of parents report having to deal with a child’s unexpected oral health issue within the last 12 months. As a result, around a quarter of school-age children have missed school due to a dental issue, causing their parents to miss an average of 7 hours of work a year.  Most of these issues could have been caught early if not outright prevented with regular dental exams and cleanings for children. 

In addition to preventing children’s oral health problems from becoming serious and catching issues before they start, making regular appointments for exams and cleanings helps your child build good habits and a good rapport with their oral health care providers. Particularly for younger school children, a trip to the dentist can be a scary experience. There are strange machines, strange people, and bright lights. By taking your kids to a good pediatric or family dentist regularly, you’ll be helping them understand that oral health care is important and that the dentist’s office is a safe place where they can get the care they need, ask questions about oral health, and learn what they need to learn.

And imparting good information and good habits for healthy teeth is important when starting a new school year.  Summers for children can be long and exciting, offering a break from routine and a chance for new adventures. While that’s wonderful, it can be disruptive to oral health. As we enjoy all that summer has to offer, both children and adults can let their oral health slide by failing to adhere to a brushing and flossing routine, a good diet, and other forms of oral health care. A trip to the dentist can help set a new routine, one based around eating healthy foods, brushing and flossing three times a day, and other practices that help your child maintain good oral health. A dentist appointment before school starts is a good way to remind your child that caring for their teeth is important and that brushing, flossing, and a healthy diet are important going into the new school year. 

And finally, for the parents: insurance is a consideration for many of us, and getting your child in to see the dentist at the beginning of the school year gives you time to make the most out of your dental insurance deductible before the end of the calendar year when your benefits may reset. Making an appointment now before school starts can ensure that you get the most out of your insurance when it comes to your child’s dental care. 

So with all these reasons to make an appointment for your child before school starts, don’t delay.  Reach out today and we’ll help you make an appointment. Our friendly staff will walk you through the process, and we’ll get you into the office and help you and your child attain your dental health goals. A healthy smile is a simple gift that lasts a lifetime, so let’s make sure your kids get off to the best possible start in the new school year and beyond.