How to Find a New Dentist

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There is any number of reasons you may be looking for a new dentist, but the most common is as the result of moving to a new city or town. While moving can be an exciting time and the beginning of a new stage of life, it can also be hectic. Moving involves managing both big and small details and all sorts of tasks, and one of these is finding a new dentist in your new home. So what can you do to make this easier? How do you find a new dentist when you need one? Here are some tips to make it easier to both find a new dentist and to switch your health care to them.

Locating a dentist is easier than ever. You can do a simple online search for “dentists in [your new city]” or you can ask new friends and colleagues who they recommend. There are some other tools for finding new dentists that many folks overlook. Your dental insurance provider likely maintains a list of participating dentists in your area, and you can ask them for a list of potential dentists. Likewise, the American Dental Association maintains a nationwide database of ADA-certified dentists. These tools can make it easy to find potential new dentists in your corner of the world.

An important piece of this process is considering your needs and what you expect from a dentist. Are you looking for a dentist for just yourself, or for your whole family? What ages are your family members–small children may need a dentist who specializes in their care. If you have older relatives living with you, a dentist experienced in providing care to the elderly may be helpful. Considering and establishing your needs can make the whole process smoother.

When you’ve identified some potential new dentists the next step is to arrange an office visit or consultation. This is your chance to check out their office, meet the staff, and get a sense as to the kind of care they provide and how comfortable you feel with them. There are a number of things to look for when you’re on a first visit or first exam. Some of the more important ones include:

  • The cleanliness of the office.
  • The chair-side manner of the dentist and the staff.
  • Level of comfort–do you have good chemistry with the staff? Is the office a comfortable place to be? Do you feel good and relaxed there?
  • Your conversations with the dentist. Do the dentist and staff listen to your concerns and value you as a patient? Is the communication clear and open?

Some of these are intangibles, and that’s OK. Not every dentist is a good match for every patient, and finding the right one for your needs is important in your overall dental health.

If you’re looking for a dentist and you’re new to the area, we’d love to hear from you. Our friendly staff can help you make an appointment and get you into the office so we can show you all that we have to offer. We’re dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients and providing the best care anywhere, so get in touch today!