Benefits of Root Canals: Saving Your Natural Teeth

Benefits of Root Canals: Saving Your Natural Teeth

Our teeth are meant to last a lifetime. While many parts of the body are capable of marvelous healing or regeneration, our teeth really can’t do that. This is part of why regular dental care is so important–brushing, flossing, and routine exams and cleanings go a long way toward ensuring that our teeth stay healthy for years to come. However, things do occasionally go wrong and teeth may become damaged or diseased and need more intensive care. While prosthetics of various kinds are an option, root canals are easier than ever before and offer some significant advantages of their own. Let’s take a look at the benefits of root canals and how saving your natural teeth might be the best option for your situation.

What is a Root Canal?

To understand the great benefits of root canals, we should start with what a root canal is. A root canal is a dental procedure that alleviates the pain of a damaged, infected, or abscessed tooth by removing the infected pulp from the interior of the tooth and replacing it with a rubbery substance called gutta-percha. While root canals are often seen in popular culture as exceptionally painful procedures, the reality is that dental science has come a long way since those jokes were written. Generally speaking, root canals are accomplished in one office visit with minimal discomfort to the patient and a relatively quick recovery time. Most patients can return to work, school, or other aspects of regular life within a few hours after the completion of a root canal.

Benefits of a Root Canal

So what are the benefits of root canals? The real strength of root canals is that they allow us to preserve the original tooth as much as possible. While prosthetics have come a long way, they don’t yet perform as well as natural teeth. In preserving the natural tooth, root canals offer many advantages, including: 

  • Root canals are less invasive than dental implants or any other traditional prosthesis. By preserving rather than replacing the damaged tooth, we eliminate the need for extended surgical procedures, and multiple office visits, and reduce the risk of damage to the jaw or other teeth.
  • Preserving the natural feel and shape of your teeth is another big advantage of a root canal. Your natural tooth stays in place, so there’s nothing to adjust to, no spacing issues, and no prosthetics to clean or care for. You can resume a normal range of activities uninterrupted after a successful root canal.
  • Long-lasting results are a great strength of a root canal. With regular care–brushing, flossing, a good diet, and regular trips to the dentist–a root canal can last a lifetime. This, in turn, means that a root canal requires less care and concern than most forms of dental prosthetics while being longer-lasting and more durable.

Is a Root Canal Right for You

So now that we’ve discussed the benefits of root canals, let’s talk about whether a root canal is right for you. The answer greatly depends on your current state of dental health, your goals and priorities, and a host of other things best discussed with an oral health care professional. At Claremont Dental Arts, we pride ourselves on giving our patients that kind of individual, personalized attention. So if you’re wondering about a root canal–or just in need of an exam and cleaning–get in touch today and make an appointment